RWB France #1 -

A year ago I traveled to London, where I saw an RWB for the first time. It was also the first time I met Nakai-san.

By that time, Adrian was in the same situation as me. He had spent years seeing pics and videos of 911’s modified by Nakai-san on the Internet, and when he learned that he was going to the UK, just an hour away from his natal France by plane, he decided that he could not let the opportunity of watching him work pass.

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Mt Haruna: where fiction meets reality

Coolest places often do not appear on travel guides. Being my third time in Japan, this time I wanted to explore some places which are difficult to get to using public transport, and in one of my day trips I ended up in Gunma prefecture, about 65 miles northwest from Tokyo.

Mountain passes around Gunma were witnesses of drift’s beginnings in the 80’s, and to this day they still are gathering points for Japanese enthusiasts to practice this sport when the Sun goes down.

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This is Goodwood

I’ve needed some days off until I could sit and try to write down my experiences during the 4 days in which the Goodwood Festival of Speed took place. I could have done it while I was still in England, but upon arriving at the apartment we rented for those days after leaving the event, I had the same feeling every day: I wrote some words and then realized that I was lacking perspective. I was surrounded by almost every car a petrolhead would like to see at least once during their lives and, after the initial surprise, it just felt absolutely normal!

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GruppeM: carbon fiber dreams

Maybe GruppeM is not a familiar name for some of you, but in our last trip to Japan, it was one of the places I was more eager to visit.

Its founder, Mr. Mamoru Ogose, has always been someone to look up to for me since I first heard of him. A self-made man who decided to create his own business when he found out that what he wanted didn’t exist. That’s how GruppeM was born in 1996, with the intention of creating the best carbon fiber intake systems that money could buy.

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Tuning World Bodensee, for everyone

As I was saying in the RWB Osechi feature, tuning is not dead in Europe. Proof of that is the quantity of custom cars that were seen during the weekend of the Tuning World in Germany’s Friedrichshafen. There was a bit of everything for everyone.

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